Before trying to implement PPC, you have to know what it is. PPC is considered to be an online ad concept by which your ads would appear on the different search engine pages, generally above or to the right of organic search results. You can make payments upon every click that is made on ads. It is an effective Digital Marketing tool and our team of talented specialists can assist your business to benefit from it immensely.

What are the benefits of PPC

As an entrepreneur, it is your duty to ensure that your business is promoted constantly so that it remains in the minds of the targeted customers and for enhancing sales and subsequent revenues. At L4RG, we offer you assistance with different types of promotional campaigns. One such marketing effort is Pay Per Click or PPC, as it is known in short. There are varieties of benefits that your business can derive from PPC campaigns. We make sure that your PPC marketing efforts bear fruits within a short period of time.

Control and flexibility:

Designing and controlling the ad campaigns depending upon relevant requirements.

  • Several targeting options using a single amount and bid.
  • Fixed duration seasonal campaigning.
  • Ad targeting options for specific bid or position higher for few keywords for a specific time.
  • Provision for tracking campaign performance for making further changes.

Quick output:

  • PPC ads appearing on the search result pages once the campaign is approved and goes live.
  • A quick way to have traffic driven to the site.

Making payment for results:

  • Once the ad is clicked, the URL can be saved by customers to return later.
  • Charges are not required for placing ads on the search engine result page.
  • Payment is done only if the ad is clicked by the customer.


  • Amount to be paid for traffic keywords, keywords and bidding options for meeting market objectives are opted by advertisers.
  • Setting monthly and daily budgets for controlling expenditure.


  • Options provided such as demographic targeting by age, gender, time, language, location for converting click to conversion.
  • Advertisements can be targeted for qualified customers.

Level playing field:

  • Be it big or small, the chance to win keyword bid and getting placed higher on the result pages of the search engine.


  • Maximum traffic tracked for higher conversion rates.
  • An efficient and effective PPC campaign can be carried out by tracking phrase successes and keywords.

Irrespective of your business being new or an existing one, we are there to assist you to help meet all your promotional requirements and to make your business to be promoted and achieve the best results within real-time.